Our past and present

The MAR&Gen clinic was founded in 1992 by Dr. Jan Tesarik and Dr. Carmen Mendoza for the diagnosis, treatment and scientific research in the field of human infertility, both of the male and the female origin. The foundation of the clinic coincided with the realization of the importance of molecular biology and genetics in medicine in general and in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in particular.

Meeting of the IVF pioneers held in the UK in 1997.
Doctor Tesarik appears second from the left in the first row.

Even before the existence of the MAR&Gen clinic, its founders had extensive experience in different techniques related to the management of infertility and assisted reproduction. Their knowledge began at the beginning of the 1980s, when both carried out different research programs in order to clarify the causes of various female and male infertility problems. The excellent professional training of the MAR&Gen clinic team has made it possible to achieve pioneering achievements worldwide.

Today, the MAR&Gen clinic continues to be a reference center at the national and international level. The objective of the clinic is to offer a complete and responsible service using state-of-the-art equipment and technology in the field of human assisted reproduction, apart from its continuous research activities . The MAR&Gen clinic is made up of 14 professionals, perfect experts in everything related to infertility and assisted reproduction. It is authorized and approved by the Health Department of the Andalusian Government, being on the list of the National Registry of Reproduction Centers Authorized by the Ministry of Health and Consumption.

Past and present MAR&Gen Clinic Directors


The MAR&Gen clinic has a comfortable and complete structure that makes it possible to perform all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to infertility and assisted reproduction, including a clinical analysis laboratory. It has two secretariats, a national one and an international one, that provide information in Spanish, English, French and Italian to facilitate the understanding of all kind of information in the patients' language. It has fully equipped consultations with an examination room and 3 offices.

The assisted reproduction area has an operating room, pre-operating room and biological laboratory, connected to each other so as to avoid long displacements and temperature changes, harmful to gametes and embryos. The biological laboratory is divided into three areas: (1) Embryology (laminar flow hoods, inverted microscopes with micromanipulators, and cell culture stoves), (2) Spermiology (laminar flow hood, optical microscope, binocular magnifying glass, cell culture stove and centrifuge ) and (3) Gamete and embryo cryopreservation (sperm and embryo storage containers, cell cryo-freezer).
The hospitalization area has 6 rooms with independent bathrooms and conveniently set to make patients' stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible. There is a semen sample collection area, totally isolated from the rest of the facilities and equipped with video and useful bibliography to facilitate sperm collection by the patient. The clinical analysis laboratory provides a wide range of biochemical and immunological techniques; this means that the patient does not have to go to any other analysis center. And in addition, all analytical determinations are made using the most advanced, precise and fast techniques that exist today.
The medical records archiving area is adapted to patient data protection regulations. An alarm system, continuously connected to the security company, and three external surveillance cameras, ensure total control of the clinic's security.
As a whole, the structure of the MAR&Gen clinic creates a pleasant and relaxed environment to try and reduce the possible stress associated with these types of treatment.