Virtual hysteroscopy

Virtual sonographic hysteroscopy, a technique developed by the MAR&Gen clinic, is a totally non-invasive exam since no instrument needs to be inserted into the uterine cavity. It is performed by means of vaginal ultrasound using a special probe and a computer program that makes it possible to reconstruct a three-dimensional digital image of the uterine cavity from a synthesis of two-dimensional images taken from the vagina. It is a purely diagnostic test that, unlike conventional hysteroscopy, does not allow any pathological formations to be removed in the same act. However, due to the fact that, in most hysteroscopic examinations, no pathology is detected and owing to its non-invasive nature, it represents a good option to perform a routine first-sight hysteroscopy without causing adverse reactions of the intrauterine immune system, which can result from conventional hysteroscopy.

Molecular Assisted Reproduction and Genetics

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