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At MAR&Gen Clinic we give you the possibility to dream, but also the possibility to make your dreams come true.

Because we have been the pioneers of fertility in Europe in many fields.

Because the most complicated cases make us grow

Because we will put 30 years of experience and research at your service.

Because we reach where others do not reach

Because in your first appointment you can tell us about your case free of charge and without obligation.

And this is not for us to say, but for our history and that of our director:

1984: hired by the French National Institute for Research in Health and Medicine (INSERM) and develops important techniques in the reproduction laboratory.

1993: Obtains first baby conceived by ICSI, in France.

1994: Obtains the world's first baby born from spermatids.

1999: Develops the technique of nucleus transfer to oocytes, in Rome.

2000: obtains the first embryo obtained from a reconstructed oocyte.

From 2016 to date: works on improving the quality of human oocytes and endometrium, treatment of damaged DNA in spermatozoa, non-invasive diagnostic techniques (virtual endoscopy), etc.
Dr Jan Tesarik